Top 10 Best Tourist Places To Visit West Bengal In India

West Bengal


West Bengal, situated in Japanese India, is a land with a rich variety. Domestic to one-of-a-kind civilizations and recognized for its cultural diversity, West Bengal has a terrific records too. Bengal is referred to within the epic Mahabharata. The majestic West Bengal is the representation of the Indian Subcontinent. The wealthy culture of this nation binds the population together.

West Bengal is blessed with a wonderful traveler potential. From the stunning hill station Darjeeling to the considerable swamps of the Sunderbans to the pristine seashores of the Bay of Bengal, West Bengal has the lot in its kitty. Because of its rich and interesting history, there are a lot of critical monuments and points of interest in this place. Besides, the country has diverse cities, towns and villages.



There are lots of locations to go to in West Bengal that satiate the vacationers intuition. And in case you’re planning a vacation in West Bengal soon, this hand-picked list will assist you within the same.



1. Kolkata

Hawrah Bridge, Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of the state. It’s been inhabited for 2000 and more years. It’s far the heart of East India and the biggest metropolitan town in India. Kolkata is located at the banks of the Hooghly River. The rich lifestyle and many ethnicity of Kolkata testify it. Kolkata is well-known for its human beings, their culture, meals, music, literature and the movies. Kolkata is also famous for its colonial edifices and contemporary entertainment homes.

The Victoria memorial is wherein Queen Victoria spent some years of her existence. Today a main metropolitan, the city additionally homes the oldest museum of India- the Indian Museum containing the only ‘Mummy’ in India among different treasured artifacts. Kolkata also serves because the gateway to the northeast mountains and the marshlands of Sunderbans. Take into account to go to the Eden Gardens, the satisfaction of Kolkata.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Culture, History, Festivals.
  • Major Attraction: Howrah Bridge.
  • Nearby Places: Midnapore, Hooghly.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 2-3 Days.



2. Darjeeling

Himalaya railway, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the ideal destination to unwind your holiday. The snow capped Himalayas make the area more romantic and aesthetically appealing. The place is well-known for tea, scenery and chock looking.  Apart from Kolkata, Darjeeling is the place that gives West Bengal its specific identification. A  miles-celebrated hill-station in India, Darjeeling is the destination that gives the opportunity to unwind amidst the scenic and serene environ.

Filled with humans from Tibet, Nepal, close by Indian states and the Gorkhas, Darjeeling is brimming with cultural variety. The third greatest height within the world and the very best in India, the Kanchenjunga Top is honestly seen from right here and you may revel in a breathtaking view of the height. Hiking, river rafting, and hen looking are some of the sports that you could bask in Darjeeling apart from enjoying sightseeing and the Toy-educate journey.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Tea, Nature, Landscapes.
  • Major Attraction: Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Tiger Hill.
  • Nearby Places: Siliguri, Kalimpong
  • Ideal Visit Time: 2 Days.



3. Bankura

Badrinath Temple, Bankura

Bankura is located on the western aspect of the nation. It has a wealthy history and lots of ancient monuments. Bankura is a district in West Bengal that boasts approximately the satisfactory terracota temples, dense virgin forests, rolling hills and numerous scenic spots.

Bankura district consists of Bishnupur, which has been mentioned within the weblog one after the other. Other than Bishnupur, Bankura district is also famous for Mukutmonipur, situated on the confluence of Rivers Kansabati and Kumari. There’s a lake in Mukutmonipur that gives a lovely reflection of the azure sky above making it a delightful site to see.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: History, Art, Culture.
  • Major Attraction: Biharinath Hill.
  • Nearby Places: Kharagpur, Durgapur.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



4. Midnapore

Chapaleswar temples, Midnapore

The town Midnapore, also called Medinipur is a pilgrim center in West Bengal as it is domestic to a few historical temples . It’s miles a very well-known pilgrim spot for Hindus. The place also has masses of ancient mosques. The place is likewise famous for the memorials of many freedom combatants. The vicinity has a wealthy history associated with independence warfare of India.

That is one of the few towns in possibly all of India’s semi city landscape that has such a variety of places to offer in their sheer wide range. The metropolis isn’t the type of place that you visit for an expensive getaway but the type that pleases your explorer instincts. Midnapore combines the beauty of India’s multi religion way of life with the exuberance of historical records. Midnapore is the concept for its candy shops.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: History, Temples, Culture.
  • Major Attraction: Chapaleswar and Mahamaya Temples.
  • Nearby Places: Kolkata, Bankura
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



5. Siliguri

Iskcon Temple, Siliguri

Siliguri is the second one largest town in West Bengal. It’s far nestled inside the effective Himalayas and gives picturesque and remarkable perspectives of the Himalayas. Siliguri is a small hill station that is well-known for tea gardens and Himalayan view. Most significantly, it’s far well-known for the herbal points of interest. The town is positioned on the bank of the Mahananda River and is a lovely place to forestall through if traveling to Darjeeling, Kalimpong or Sikkim.

Siliguri is also a great vicinity to buy chinese knock-offs within the bustling Hong Kong marketplace, which is off the revoke street in the coronary heart of city. The place of the town makes it the primary gateway to the northeastern states likes Gangtok, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: History, Culture.
  • Major Attraction: Chilapata Forests and Iskcon Temple.
  • Nearby Places: Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



6. Hooghly

Belur Math, Hooghly

Hooghly is an exciting traveller vacation spot for diverse reasons. The district of Hooghly derived its call from the town of Hooghly at the west financial institution of the Hooghly River about 40 km north of Kolkata. This city becomes a river port in the 15th century. In all likelihood one of the greatest famous places in West Bengal, Hooghly is reckoned to be the area, where Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sarada Devi stayed for many years.

It also has historical importance as it turned into colonized by Portuguese, French and the Dutch and you’ll nevertheless see the effect of the colonization within the architecture here. So, this fairly bustling destination is for those who enjoy spending time exploring the testimonies of wonderful beyond.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: River, Temple.
  • Major Attraction: Hooghly Imambara, Sri Ramakrishna Math
  • Nearby Places: Arambag.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



7. Murshidabad

Hazri Muszim, Murshidabad

Murshidabad is a district in West Bengal. It is situated at the southern banks of Bhagirathi River. It’s miles believed that the town became on its peak of glory earlier than the British rulers shifted the capital to Kolkata. The Nawabs ruled this historic place for a long term. The town nonetheless bears recollections of Nawabs that after dominated here and contributed in the city’s beauty by building mosques, tombs, and gardens.

They even installation industries of ivory, gold and silver embroidery and silk weaving. Murshidabad today is a centre for handicrafts and agriculture. Murshidabad is domestic to various races and religions. The greatest good-sized sites of Murshidabad are the Hazar Duari Palace, Muradbagh Palace and Moti Jheel.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For:  Handicrafts and Agriculture.
  • Major Attraction: Hazarduari Palace Museum, Imambara.
  • Nearby Places: Krishna Nagar, Jangipur.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



8. Coach Behar

Cooch Behar Palace, Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, a district in Jalpaiguri, is situated in the north-jap part of West Bengal. It is placed on the Bangladesh-India border. It’s far famous for its wealthy records regarding Mughal Empire. Cooch Behar has a wealthy legacy of kings, royal palaces and temples because the 11th century. It gives the visitors a nice blend of lifestyle, records and religion.

The district hosts many festivals and gala’s like Raas Mela, Sri Panchami Mela, Dol Purnima, Astami Snan Mela and Annapurna Puja. Cooch Behar has been famous not just for its historic homes and monuments, however for its large water bodies. And how can we overlook its notable climate, beauty and natural freshness.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Temples and Religion
  • Major Attraction: Cooch Behar Palace, Chilapata Forest Range
  • Nearby Places: Kolkata, Digha.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 – 2 Days.



9. Kalimpong

Teli Hotels & Resorts, Kalimpong

It is a small hill station that is placed inside the decrease Himalayas at an altitude of 1250m. The region is well-known for the view of Himalayas. It draws plenty of humans with its serene weather, traditional handicraft items, plantations, valleys, and gompas. Kalimpong is famous for its orchids, nurseries and traditional handicrafts.

Overlooking the Teesta River, Kalimpong is an excellent vacation spot for nature enthusiasts because the region is blessed with bounties of nature and gives excellent views of the Himalayas and the tranquil surroundings to reap peace of mind. One receives to witness the traditional handicraft, and a wide array of orchids in a flower marketplace here. Kalimpong is also a spiritual centre of Buddhism and has monasteries that house a few rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For:  Ochids, Nurseries.
  • Major Attraction: Deolo Hill, Jaldhaka River Valley.
  • Nearby Places: Darjeeling.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.



10. Sundarbansa

Sundarbans National Park, Sundarbans

Sundarbans is the biggest block of the tidal aliphatic mangrove forest in the world. Shared between India and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans meaning beautiful forest, have been declared a UNESCO background web site. Sunderbans is home to the well-known Royal Bengal Tigers. This region has a silent charm that manages to amaze one with the simplicity and naturalness of its ecological balance no matter supplying habitat to a number of the most dynamic and inspiring flowers and fauna.

They’re in truth the closing last stands of the mighty jungles which once covered the Gangetic plain and the sustainability of this natural structure is quite majestic. Since 1966, the Sundarbans have been a flora and fauna sanctuary, and it’s far envisioned that there are over 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and approximately 30,000 spotted deer inside the place. Go to this place simplest in case you are courageous enough to witness the flora and fauna. The Sundari timber of Sunderbans have the ability to keep up the excessive salinity.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Wild Animals and National Parks.
  • Major Attraction: Sundarbans National Park.
  • Nearby Places: Bakkhali, Kolkata.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 2-3 Days.


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