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The kingdom of Arunachal Pradesh is well positioned inside the east of Indian Territory. It’s miles an astonishing gateway which homes unparalleled aestheticism and verdant valleys. Arunachal Pradesh additionally houses amazing mountains, crystal clear lakes and gushing waterfalls. Itanagar is the capital of this state. This shares worldwide borders with Bhutan within the west, Burma in the east and the humans’ Republic of China inside the north. Arunachal Pradesh approach “land of the dawn-lit mountains”.

It’s also called “land of the Rising Sun”. Only a few places have the quality of the entirety and Arunachal Pradesh is one such place. The kingdom is rich with picturesque splendor that gives relaxation and rejuvenation. The location offers you peace and action.



To find out the kingdom’s real allure, acquaint yourself with those drop-dead gorgeous, nicest of the high-quality places to go to in Arunachal Pradesh.



1. Bomdila

Bomdila Monestry, Bomdila














At the altitude of round 8000 ft, Bomdila is an appealing getaway destination for circle of relatives. Bomdila is a great vicinity if you are aiming to have a lovely view of snow-clad Himalayan mountain ranges. The cool weather is fun and so are the apple orchards and the lovely surroundings. You can find a centre for crafts in which local crafts are on show and a buying centre. With majestic Himalayas bestowing their shadow, the stunning city of Bomdila will offer you all a place in this terrain have to.

Apart from sceneries and perspectives making the area a visible treat for the eyes, wrapped round in a cool breeze and first-class weather, the vicinity will offer you some of the spots including temples and wildlife sanctuaries. Both Buddhist and Hindu temples are to be found right here.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Hills, Nature, Orchards, Serenity.
  • Major Attractions: Bomdila Monastery and Apple Orchards.
  • Nearby Places: Tawang and Bhalukpong.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: April-October.



2. Tawang

Sela Lake, Tawang














The lovely town of Tawang, additionally mentioned as Dawang has many scenarios to make your trip a picturesque one. With Tibet to its north, Bhutan to its southwest and Sela range of West Kameng to its east, Tawang captivates you with its scenic splendor.

Placed at a top of approximately 3048 mtr, is thought for plenty critical and delightful monasteries and is famous because the birth area of Dalai Lama. The 400-yr-vintage Tawang monastery isn’t always best one some of the oldest but it is called one among the most important Indian monasteries.

Tawang has stunning lakes around it and you may love the view provided by way of the region. The stunning orchid sanctuary and the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary is also an excellent place for your listing of locations to go to.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Monasteries, Buddhism, Nature.
  • Major Attractions: Sela Pass and Tawang Monastery.
  • Nearby Places: Bomdila and Tezpur.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 day.
  • Best Time: Sep- Mar.



3. Itanagar

Ganga Lake, Itanagar













Your tour of Arunachal Pradesh isn’t always whole without travelling Itanagar. It’s far one of the famous visitor attractions of Arunachal Pradesh and additionally the capital town. With the snow-capped Himalayas towering on the northern quit and the fertile Brahmaputra river plains at the southern, Itanagar is an herbal paradise.

Lately opened to travelers by using the authorities, the history and tribal lifestyle of the metropolis, which is a long time and centuries antique, remains intact. The 15th century Ita-castle, mythical Ganga Lake that’s domestically known as Gyakar Sinyi and the Buddha Vihar, consecrated with the aid of Dalai Lama are the various maximum crucial points of interest here. The amicable climate at some point of the year makes it a vacationers’ pride.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Heritage, Himalayan Ranges, Brahmaputra river.
  • Major Attractions: Ita Fort and Ganga Lake.
  • Nearby Places: Ziro, Majuli and Kaziranga National Park.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Oct- Apr.



4. Roing

Mehao Lake, Roing












Roing one of the greatest appealing destinations for vacationers. It’s miles one of the greatest vital visitor points of interest in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located in decrease Dibang Valley. The picturesque splendor of the place attracts travelers from all components of the arena. Nature fans, archeologists and adventure seekers will find the place engaging, educative and interesting.

The snow peaked mountains, deep gorges, turbulent rivers cascading down the hills, numerous waterfalls, placid lakes, archaeological sites, peace and amusing loving hospitable people and above all the heavenly climate make, a super place for when you want to be in solitude.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Nature, Waterfalls, Adventure.
  • Major Attractions: Mayudia and Mehao Lake.
  • Nearby Places: Pasighat and Anini.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Oct – Mar.



5. Ziro

Kile-Pakho, Ziro













Ziro is a quaint old city in Arunachal Pradesh, domestic to the Apa Tani tribe and well-known for its pine hills and rice fields. The weather in Ziro is slight through the year, making it comfortable to tour all yr round. If you love hiking, you shouldn’t come returned from Arunachal Pradesh with out touring Ziro.

It’s far a native tribal metropolis in which you could revel in the sleepy residing and get the precise break out from nerve-racking and busy city lifestyles. Declared as a global history website online, Ziro gives a number of the excellent attractions in Arunachal Pradesh.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Hills, Nature, Orchards, Serenity.
  • Major Attractions: Kile Pakho and Tipi Orchid Research Centre.
  • Nearby Places: Itanagar, Lilabari and Daporijo.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 day.
  • Best Time: Throughout The Year.



6. Pasighat

Ranighat Bridge, Pasighat
















Pasighat is called the ‘Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh’ this is the oldest city of the nation. It is positioned on the banks of Siang River and it is a 155 meters above the sea level. The area is blessed with the kindness of nature and you’ll find thoughts-blowing views. The majestic river Brahmaputra flows to this region from Tibet.

Pasighat was founded in 1911 A.D. through the British as a gateway to administrative convenience of the extra Abor Hills and the north place in general. In general there had been settlements of Pasi and Minyong communities who are nonetheless residing in the villages. Pasighat is the heaven for nature lovers because it has the range of vegetation and fauna, snow-covered peaks and Siang River to experience many water sports activities like rafting.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Hills, Orchids, Rivers.
  • Major Attractions: Kekar Monying and Ranaghat Bridge.
  • Nearby Places: Along, Roing.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Octo- May.



7. Anini

Local Sightseeing, Anini












Anini is one of the largest enticing places in Arunachal Pradesh. Despite the fact that the records of the vicinity is a piece clouded, it’s far said to have housed the Idu Mishimi who migrated from Tibet across the 1st millennium BC. The city is positioned atop a Plateau between two tributaries of the powerful Brahmaputra river.

Anini a great place for intellectual rest. Anini is in which the clouds come down the kiss the land. With tons of its beauty peeking from behind the misty air, this unexplored city is the vicinity to go to for pristine calmness. Its silence, beauty and its magic nearly untouched and may loosen up you to the very middle.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Wilderness, Nature, Scenic views.
  • Major Attraction: Local Sightseeing and Landscape Views.
  • Nearby Places: Roing, Pasighat.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Nov- Mar.



8. Bhalukpong

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhalukpong














This historic site is the gateway to the country. Bhalukpong keeps your frame and mind engaged. Searching around the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh and lost in its tranquility, if you seek for a trade, this is where you need to be. The Kameng River jogging inside the forest surrounding it makes the town even more attractive.

You can go trekking and river rafting. The hills that surround Bhalukpong offer you extremely good possibility to head hiking. It is the famous picnic spot and has quite a few sights to explore for adventure fanatics.


Visitor Information:


  • Famous For: Hills, Orchids, Rivers.
  • Major Attractions: Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Nearby Places: Bomdila and Tawang.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Octo- Mar.



9. Along

Mechuka, Along














Aalo is a census city and headquarter of the West Siang district of the Indian kingdom of Arunachal Pradesh. Its vintage name is along. It’s miles placed about an afternoon’s drive 220 kilometres from Likabali, which is at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Blanketed with many pretty plantations and well-known for its Mechuka Valley, along is a stunning metropolis that glows with natural beauty.

The valley is picturesque surrounded via mountains with rivers flowing through them. Along side will offer you a quiet, pristine and refreshing experience with simple and diffused tourist spots. You may move river rafting and trekking if you are keen to have a few activity to challenge your physical potential.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Nature, Festivals, Ramakrishna Ashram.
  • Major Attraction: Mechuka Valley and Ramakrishna Ashram.
  • Nearby Places: Pasighat, Yingkiong.
  • Ideal Visit Time: Less Than a Day.
  • Best Time: Throughout The Year.



10. Dirang

Sangti Velley, Dirang














Located in West Kameng district, this small hill station welcomes you with snow-capped mountains, gushing streams and lush greenery. This quaint village is a stoppage for many vacationers intending towards Tawang from Assam. A primary have an effect on of Buddhism and Bhutanese tradition can be discovered right here, through the presence of Kalachakra Gompa and Dirang Dzong.

Explore this lovely village even as going toward Tawang. Dirang is an ideal surroundings where in you’ll experience at domestic far from domestic. It’s miles one such vicinity that enables you revel in, rediscover yourself and be inspired. Dirang is an unexplored gem, hidden away in the barren region of Arunachal Pradesh.


Visitor Information:

  • Famous For: Wilderness, Buddhism, Tibetan.
  • Major Attraction: Kalachakra Gompa and Sangti Velley.
  • Nearby Places: Tawang, Bomdila.
  • Ideal Visit Time: 1 Day.
  • Best Time: Octo- Mar.
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